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Understanding Your Uber Driver Earnings Statement

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Driver Community , Rideshare Knowledge 3 months, 1 week ago

Uber Driver App Help

Driving for Uber is an easy way to make a quick buck. From the streamlined sign-up process to getting paid quickly and seamlessly via direct deposit, Uber has worked hard to make things simple. However, the Uber app is not perfect and every so often a tech bug or unique ride circumstance will cause a major headache when it comes to getting paid correctly for your time.

One of the more common issues we see drivers complaining about is having a recent fare or trip not show up in their daily summary tab.

Drivers can view fares for recent trips …

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Uber lifts mask requirement!

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Uber Lifts Mask Policy

Effective today, Tuesday April 19th, 2022, Uber has officially updated their mask policy in the United States. Now, masks are no longer required in Uber vehicles for riders or drivers, further Uber has stated that "if you ever feel uncomfortable, you can always cancel the trip." This is a quick and drastic change from their “No Mask, No Ride” stance that has been in effect for almost 2 years!

This updated policy comes one day after a federal judge in Florida struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate for planes, trains, buses and other public transport stating that …

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What is 'Uber One' and how to sign up!

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Uber One

Uber One, formerly Uber Eats Pass, is Uber’s newest subscription model. Uber claims to have brought together all the best parts of their previous subscription models into one simple option: Uber One.

What Is Uber One?

Uber One is a paid subscription service. Similar to many premium memberships, Uber One subscribers will receive different rewards and benefits for utilizing Uber’s services. The main perks of Uber One are as follows:

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How Uber Plans to Become a 'SuperApp'

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 4 months ago

Uber's "super-app"

Uber is making some big changes in their quest to become a travel “superapp”. Uber announced on Wednesday that they are now adding trains, buses, planes, and rental cars to their U.K. app. This is all part of a new pilot program that Uber hopes to expand to other countries in the future.

Uber will not be providing these additional travel services themselves, instead they will be acting as a middle man. Through partnering with various other transportation companies, Uber will allow users to book the additional transportation options on their app while contracting out the services to local providers. …

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How to Share Your Lyft Ride Location with Family and Friends

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 4 months, 1 week ago

Share Lyft Location

Safety should always be a top priority when taking a rideshare. One of the best safety features you can utilize is sharing your ride information with trusted family or friends. Lyft has an easy way within their application for riders to quickly (and even automatically) share ride details with whomever they choose. 

When you share your Lyft ride details with someone, they'll get a link that shows them the following:

How to Share Your Lyft …

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