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Uber is Opening Hubs and Handing Out Covid Supplies (Here is how to claim yours!)

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Driver Community 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Are Uber Hubs Open? What is Uber doing to ensure driver safety? Can I talk to an Uber representative?

Uber has recently decided to open 33 Greenlight Hubs around the country in order to better distribute Covid-19 safety supplies to its drivers. Uber will be mainly offering face masks to drivers but some hubs have additional supplies available such as safety placards and cleaning products. All products are being given to drivers for free.

For Greenlight hub locations that have opened please visit this help page on Uber or scroll to the bottom of this article. Note that these locations ...

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Free Coronavirus Safety Training for NYC Uber & Lyft Drivers

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Driver Community 2 months ago

Safety Covid Uber Driver

With federal unemployment benefits expiring many drivers are expected to return to work soon. With the anticipation of many new drivers hitting the road again, public health researchers at New York University in partnership with the Independent Drivers Guild are launching a Coronavirus safety training course for all rideshare drivers.

The course will be conducted via online video seminars with various public health professionals delivering the material to viewers. The course is designed to teach drivers proper disinfection protocols and ways they can minimize virus spread. While some drivers may feel that safety protocols are fairly self-explanatory by this point, ...

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Every Uber Eats Fee You May Encounter

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 2 months ago

Uber Eats Fees

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering that pizza you have been craving all day, only to find out the cost is going to be twice as much as you anticipated due to last minute fees. While we wish there was a way to avoid the extra fees on Uber Eats, they are there for a reason and are not going anywhere anytime soon. However, we have outlined every fee you may encounter so you know what to expect before getting your hopes up at that sweet philly cheesesteak deal you are about to score.

There are three main fees associated ...

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How to Create a Financial Safety Net for Rideshare Drivers

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Driver Community 2 months, 1 week ago

Kover Insurance

As the end of July is fast approaching, so comes the end of the additional $600 per week unemployment checks that many Americans are receiving. This social safety net was provided by the momentous CARES Act and helped take a step toward a bigger change in how we view the gig economy’s needs and job securities. For the first time, gig workers, contractors, and freelancers had the right to file for unemployment. But what happens once that option has left gig workers?

What is a Financial Safety Net?

Life can take us by surprise. Being sick a few days, hospital ...

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What is an Uber Eats Pass?

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Uber Eats Pass

Over the past few months people have been ordering in food more than ever to avoid social contact during the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies like Uber Eats have been busy finding ways to stay relevant and make the process of food delivery as simple as possible. One Uber Eats initiative is their “Eats Pass”, a monthly Uber Eats subscriptions for $9.99. With the Eats Pass, subscribers enjoy $0 delivery and 5% off all orders over $15. If your order subtotal does not meet the $15 subtotal, your order will not be eligible for your Eats Pass Benefits.

How to sign up ...

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