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What are Uber Vouchers?

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge 2 months, 2 weeks ago

How to use Uber Vouchers


Vouchers are a relatively new Uber solution that allows organizations to pay partially or fully for Uber rides and/or orders with Uber Eats. Vouchers help to boost company morale and encourage event attendance. Whether the event is in person or virtual, Uber vouchers can get your employees where they need to be or encourage participation via a delivered Uber Eats meal. Further some companies even use vouchers to stand out from the competition and subsidized rides to interviews!

Creating a Voucher Campaign is easy and can be managed right from the Uber for Business Dashboard. Here is how to …

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Uber Travel and Charter; Making Traveling Simpler

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge , Travel/Wanderlust 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Uber Travel

Uber is expanding their options once again, adding travel and charter services to their product slate. Uber’s latest additions are furthering their ambition to expand beyond their core ride-hailing business.

The first of the two new options, Uber Travel, lets you reserve rides for each leg of your travel itinerary in one fell swoop. By connecting your Gmail account to your Uber account, Uber will organize your hotel, flight, and restaurant reservations for you in one easy to find place. Further, you will earn 10% back in Uber Cash for each ride you book with Uber Travel. Uber Travel is …

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Lyft's New and Improved Shared Rides

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Things are finally starting to return to normal in this post Covid world! Case in point, Lyft is returning their shared rides program to more cities this month. Shared rides, where riders can share rides with other passengers going in the same direction for a discount, will be making a return to San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Las Vegas and Atlanta in the next week.


Not only are shared rides coming back but Lyft has also stated that they took the time off to “fine-tune” their shared ride experience. “We’ve fine-tuned shared rides to make them more efficient and reliable …

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What Rideshares Are Available in Remote Areas?

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge 2 months, 3 weeks ago

how to order uber in remote area

Are rideshares available in remote areas? The short answer is: yes, they are! 

Although rideshare services tend to be more popular in more populated metropolitan areas, you can still get rideshares in many rural and suburban communities across the world! A caveat, though, the services that are available are more limited. Some newer rideshare companies are just starting, and focusing on one or two big markets before they expand outside of major cities. 

What rideshares are available? 

Uber: Uber is available in over 400 cities across the world. For a complete list of cities where Uber operates, check here …

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Uber Bounce: Request a Ride for Someone Else!

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge 3 months ago

Uber Bounce

Uber Bounce is an Uber feature that allows users to request a ride for someone who is in a different location. This feature is very handy for anyone who needs to book a ride for a friend, family member, client, babysitter, etc! Those who are on the receiving end of the ride will receive a message with instructions for their trip along with the driver and vehicle information. Not only does this feature improve the pick-up experience for riders, but also for drivers!

How It Works

  1. Tap “Where to?” and enter your friend’s pickup location.
  2. Tap “Confirm pickup.”
  3. Enter your …
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