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  • Did you get it? I called there on Monday. One of the choices was to talk to a  woman in Education Dept. I left her a Vm. She did call me back but I was sleeping. Going to try her again tomorrow. I want to know if that township knows about their organization. If so I am going to visit their Police Station to have a talk with their captain. If they dont know going to suggest this place maybe send some info out to surrounding police stations. They are in the Suburbs. Hundreds if not thousands of deer up there. State parks, woods, etc.

  • Point missed!!! I see. 😊

  • That is what annoys me now. Had he told me about AARC I didnt even need him to do anything. Just stand there for a few min so we didnt get hit by another car why I got him off the road. I assume in their mind the deer would probably end up dead soon enough anyway. Being a cop is a tough job, the things they witness, the people they deal with. If they tried to help every wild animal that people injured or ran over there would be no time for real police work. I do have to say that the area I was in was the suburbs, wealthier people not much crime. Bars had just closed so maybe they get a little busy then but its pretty quiet there.

  • Thank you Mariyama! I know. Had I killed it I would've been less upset. Maybe not. To stand over it helplessly and watch it just lie there was hard. He was just a baby. I've been a Medical Assistant & Med Tech my entire life. Trained to help and fix the sick & injured. I was too afraid to touch him. Had I known about the wild life clinic & website I could've saved him. I was 10/15 min away from there. Had a blanket and vehicle to place him in comfortably. All the info how to handle him was on the site. It was safe for me to touch him, pick him up, and take him to the clinic. Kind of surprised that the police officers who showed up didnt know about this place. They obviously work a short distance from it. Now I know what to do if it ever happens again. Thanks again.


    It's buried under one of my replies:) You know the novels I post:)

  • Thank you all for your kind words and support. This was very hard. Still not happy about the outcome.

  • Thank you. I included a link to the wild animal refuge in post below. Very interesting. They give you great tips on what wild animals you can handle, how to handle, and what to do for them. Check it out. At least now I can help instead of leaving it up to other people just to dispose of them. 

  • I heard they dont work from multiple prople including police. Here they are cheap though so I am trying it. It cant hurt. Sorry for your loss. One of my riders told me her father died when he hit a deer. Mine was a tiny baby. 

  • I still make a profit. My car is an old 2005 Honda Pilot pd cash $4,500.00. Previous owner had perfect car fax records. Got 3 yrs before starting Uber. It didnt owe me anything when I started for Uber. I put brakes on 2X, 1 set of tires, oil changes are obviously more frequent. All my oil changes, brakes, and tires obviously pay for but all my labor is free. My biggest expense is gas. I put a new battery in but that was also before Uber. Had to change out ignition 120.00 but that wasnt because of Uber. I plan my day or night, know my spots, try new things once in awhile. 

    Serge seriously your calling the drivers in ride guru ants? We play nice. Most of us. We are not Behave no name calling:) I prefer roaches we have pink ones and black ones. They are somewhat backwards here. They all scatter as soon as it gets dark around here instead of coming out. They all run home:)  Hope you know I am just giving you a hard time:)

  • I asked if we could take it somewhere he hesitated then said nothing. I then asked could they at least put it down so it didnt suffer? He said yes. Apparently when wild animals are injured and nowhere to take them or they are really bad off they do shoot them. However there was a place to take it, I truly believe he couldve lived and wasnt badly injured.  He wasnt crying, he was breathing fairly normally not labored or shallow, i didnt run him over, i clipped him with my bumper. No blood at all, no open wounds, all 4 legs were at normal angles, and he did try to get up. I think he may have injured his front legs. I found out they stay still (play dead) its their only defense at that age. This one did move a few times but still for the most part.   I wouldve wrapped him in blanket put him in my SUV and took it myself. I didnt know about it at the time .  I am really angry about how it was handled. The wild life place wasnt far 10/20 min. It's not new. Dont you think in an area that has a bunch of wild life these first responders would know about it. They take any wild life 24/7 365 days per year.  Guaranteed the officer new about it. He is a cop that works in the area. Now I know what to do, how to handle the animal, and where to take it. Unfortunately a little too late for that baby deer. Good info on their site. Hopefully it never happens again. You may not be anywhere near this place but it has a lot of good info.

  • It stinks to waste your time, gas, and lose out on other fares but much rather lose a fare then my house. Not worth the 15.00 or less you will make on the trip. It will happen one day. A driver is going to pick up a minor, there will be an accident and that driver will be in a boatload of crap. Uber will throw them under the bus saying "drivers are told not to pick up minors, its in the TOS". It really sucks for drivers who are doing quest or have to maintain a certain %. Uber and Lyft shouldnt hold these cancels against us but they do. The 3.75 cancel fee may cover the gas you used on the way to pick up thats if the company even gives it to you. Drivers Beware.

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     1 month ago in  What are ways Uber drivers make money besides driving?

    It's "a small space". Under my radio is a little open spot (shelf/ cubby hole). $ was sitting in there for tolls. I usually dont leave cash visible but going to try it again. I just cant come to bring myself to put up a sign, a jar/container in my car. To me tipping is a choice (which I always do).  I want that choice not a sign telling me or asking me to tip. In my opinion its almost like begging. I am from the US so I am well aware of tipping etiquette. I understand some people from other countries may not know but if they live here I am sure they do. They just choose not to. I've had very few riders who were just visting from other countries. On the other hand if tipping signs are up anywhere they do not sway my decision or make me want to tip more or less. Was in a mini mart recently in NJ the person behind the counter simply rings up your purchase. They font sell  cooked or prepared food so not sure why they had one up. I dont feel if I purchase a 16oz bottle of water that deserves a tip. I tip at restaurants, bar tender, hair cut, basically people who are supposed to be tipped. I also will tip the AAA person who jumps my car or changes tire (they just got me out of a jam) and some (package, furniture  delivery people). Service industry, people who go above & beyond, or do that little extra to help you or make your day brighter:) Am I misding anyone? Oh of course Uber or Lyft drivers although I have only taken 1 Uber. I tipped the guy cash even though it took me 5 min to figure out he had no clue what I said and missed my drop off spot:)  

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     1 month ago in  What are ways Uber drivers make money besides driving?

     I am not selling anything out of my car, putting a tablet in my car to play games that have a crap load of ads, or any other items. I think its tacky & unprofessional. If this is something that works for you go for it. I feel its not right but as long as you can make money and are comfortable go for it. I am uncomfortable putting a tipping sign or tipping container in my car but other drivers swear by it.  I think it depends which market you are in, the types of riders you pick up, and time of night/day you drive.

     For those that feel uncomfortable with tipping signs/containers try leaving a few $1, $5, and 1 $10 bill neatly out in the open where riders can see it. Had money sitting in a little cubby hole the other day for tolls my rider thought it was my tips. Put 10.00 in there and said, "here add this to your other tips". Going to try it again see what happens:) 

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     1 month ago in  What are ways Uber drivers make money besides driving?

    Big Frank Who is a disgrace?

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     1 month ago in  What are ways Uber drivers make money besides driving?

    Nothing wrong with that. I dont have a problem with part time drivers. Dont see why others should. I dont drive full time but close to it some weeks.

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     1 month ago in  What are ways Uber drivers make money besides driving?

    I have a Ford Focus with a trans problem but our simple ass government are waiting for a few more deaths before they make Ford do a recall. How do I make it look like an accident? Lol jk:)

  • I sometimes wonder why no one has written a book or made a TV show:) I live in Philadelphia right on border of Bensalem (Bucks County PA). I drive in Philly, Bucks, NJ, and sometimes the dreaded trips to NY (Mahatten, JFK, & La Guardia). Deer are bad in Philly, but the worst in Bucks and NJ. The cheapass townships should put some street lights up and that may help. I am super cautious from 5pm to 6am. I know these roads well and know where deer are. Unfortunately last night was a combination of issues (darkness, highbeams, a hill you cannot see over, a small baby deer). I can usually spot deer but this little one didnt even reach my bumper. As I said my SUV didnt have a scratch on it  Hell the deer didnt have  scratch. Thats why I am more upset. He could've been helped. I assume his leg or legs may have been fractured. Visibly nothing wrong with him. He was moving trying to get up. I thought about it the rest of the night & still thinking about it. He didnt seem in pain. His breathing was fine, he was calm. I am now thinking maybe he was just in shock. Maybe if I tried him or move him maybe he could've got up. His legs were not twisted ior in a weird position. He was frozen when I hit him he didnt even try to move. Same thing happened last week. I had to get out of my car to chase a baby off the on ramp as soon as my lights hit it he froze. Adults tend to run but babies freeze ("a deer in headlight"). Maybe after I left and cops went to pick.him up he did get up. I know that 99.999999%  sure that didnt happen but like to think maybe he was in fact in shock. Just trying to get image out of my head of a cop standing over him with well you know. Really dont want to add that last part. Thanks for the kind words. Baby Deer RIP on the Rainbow Bridge. 😥😥😥 Hope to never go through that again. However very grateful I didnt get physicslly hurt, no one else got hurt, no damage to SUV. Thanks to LG PA for telling me about a place I can take a wild animal in an emergency. Just wish I knew last night. Thanks for your kind words uberserge.

  • Only ever had 3 fall asleep on way to airport. No, why would I feel guilty they need to get up to catch there plane or go wherever they are going. I found out I actually like when they fall asleep. No pressure on the ride and I can relax do what I want. First person who fell asleep turned out to be a blessing:) Got off wrong exit & had a little difficulty in finding destination (had never been in area before). She slept through it all. Woke up right as I figured out where it was:) Still made it on time. She never knew. I wish all my riders either talked, fell asleep, or were quiet doing work. I hate the quiet rider who says nothing & sits back there just staring ahead or out the window:) Feel like they are watching my every move waiting for me to screw up:)

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     1 year ago in  Extra passengers

    This happened to me quite a few times. This particular night  I get a request for Uber X I can seat 4 safely. I pull up there are 3 people they say we are waiting for one more. I am paying no attention to back seat they say ok we are good I start trip get 5  blocks from pick up look in rear view mirror I have 4 in back 1 in front. So what do I do? Do I say something? Do I end trip there and boot them out? I am sure you are all saying I would of. Lol There is 5 of them one of me, oh forgot to mention I am not in a very good neighborhood. Do I call police? I probably won't get past 91 before one of them can take my phone and if I can connect with 911 chances are police will not be there before I am beaten and my car is on cinder blocks. So I take my time ride the right lane nice and slow, stay away from traffic. We get to destination still in another crappy hood. I quickly end trip. The person they are meeting doesn't answer their call so they are not moving out of my car. Uh hello trips over. So they continue to sit in my car for 10 min deciding what to do. Fnally I get another rider so  I find my voice and get the courage to say "I got to go" . Still another 2 min. go by. Finally guy comes out and they get their stuff out of my trunk and go on their way. Now I pull up with doors locked and don't unlock until I know how many are getting in my car. I've learned quite a few lessons driving for Uber this past year.

  • I've picked up strippers twice. One stripper had a fit & started screaming at me because I didnt pick her up at stripper enterance. The app put me in front of the place. I had never been there before. She called me screaming so I drive around to where she told me but there were people all over plus 2 entrances/exits so I ask the first female I see if she was my passenger. She ignores me then I see Mr. Big and Beefy with the tight muscle head shirt on wave me over. She opens door starts screaming why didnt you come here 1st & why were you talking to those people? I try to explain that the pick up location put me up front and what people are you talking about? She screams the people in the car. I reply "what people, what car" . She screams again the people in the car. I am getting annoyed now, because she hasnt stopped screaming at me and what people in what car not a clue who she was referring to. I should've left when I was eligible for cancel fee. We drive a mile GPS says make left turn screaming stripper barks order i will tell you where to go. We go another mile another barking order "pull into that gas station I need something". She needed something all right some manners or a foot up her ass. I pull in to this gas station that is packed has a line of cars to get in (will explain the line of cars at 3am at a gas station another time). I finally get into lot she gets out and I plot my escape. Why should I take her screaming, order barking ass anywhere else they dont pay me enough for this? I put the car in drive ready to pull out and my guilty conscience kicks in. Its 3am you cant do that. Then the  little devil on my shoulder says go for it. Good conscience won I stayed but when she got back in I had a little talk with her. By the time i dropped her off she was happy. So happy when she got out she said "i am going to give you 5 stars". I wanted to reply "stick your 5 stars so far up (that thing you shake for money)that they shoot out of your mouth and hand over some of those bills you made tonight.  She was out right rude and bossy. 

    The 2nd stripper I picked up didnt yell at me but she also barked orders. Wont get into much detail as I just wrote a book about stripper #1. Her barking orders were hello as she entered car  order #1"put this radio station on, order #2 turn volumn up ill tell you when to stop" #3 dont speak to me while music is on #4 put the heat up. No please no thank you ànd you guessed it no tip. Last but not least we pull up to destination my app shows end trip you've arrived i end it wait for her to get the hell out. But she needs to bark 1 more order #5 "I've never been here before just sit here until I can find my friend then you can leave". Must be a stripper thing to bark orders and not tip. These 2 were in my first month of driving they taught me a few things that night.  No, one of those things was not how to work a stripper pole. Thanks for sharing R Paulson. Would love to here more stories. 

  • This time I pick up 3 men in there 30's from India at a strip club in Bensalem PA. They get in dont seem really intoxicated. We have a coversation then they are talking amongst themselves. I look at GPS. Its putting me on PA Turnpike. Now where ever I get off I am not going to know where I am so obviously relying on GPS completely. Go up a few exists get off. Its dark as hell. I swear Bucks County suburbs doesnt like or is too cheap to put up street lights. Everything is so dark you see nothing  when you look behind you. At this times roads are not only dark but no traffic around. The guys start speaking in their language now, up to this point their conversations were all English even to each other. Before I go further I was under impression destination was one of their homes. Now I have to turn into a dark business complex. Everything closed no one around.  My mind thinks they are plotting to hack me up into little pieces lol This is just too shady. No houses, everything dark, no people, no cars. I am so ready to turn around at this point but had no idea where I could go or what i would say to them about turning around. Hearts pounding, nervous. Drive about .5 mile and up on my right was a Hotel. Never so grateful to see one. This was my 2nd experience on a ride that really scared me being a female driver. I think after all my stripper, strip club experiences (as I have 2 other time I had a pick up) I need to stay away from those places. Those rides are either miserable, scarey  or just plain strange. Do you think Uber would deactivate me for not driving to or picking up from those places? Lol Yes definately. 

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     11 months ago in  Can you select the gender of the operator?

    I think you should be able to. I have had a few riders who are happy to see a woman driver. I even had a male who said he would rather have a woman because a male driver may be able to over power a male rider. Some of these young girls pass out from drinking. Some are so drunk that a male driver could do something and she probably wouldnt remember. If these women who got raped had a female than the rape would've never happened. Young women tell me all the time some of their male drivers hit on them  some are just creepy make them feel uncomfortable. One young woman said her driver bought her cigs alcohol, and tried to kiss her after ride was over. Women tend not to be criminals, rapist, etc. I would think they wouldnt be hitting on male passengers to the point that the msle rider is uncomfortable. Unfortunately these women who have had these issues dont report driver because they are afraid he will come back to their house. 

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     7 months ago in  Does Uber charge a fee for scheduled rides?

    Lilly, Can you please clarify or correct me if I am wrong as I dont want to be giving my riders wrong info. If you schedule a ride more than 60 min. in advance your fare is locked in. If you schedule a ride in less than 60 min. in advance Uber gives you an estimate. Then when you are matched with a driver fare could increase if there is a surge in your area. Thank you.

  • Uber and Lyft base fares on the longest route to riders destination (time & miles). Most Drivers take the shortest route. Driver is paid for the miles they drove & the amt. of time it took. I arrive at riders destination switch off GPS & go back to Uber or Lyft app. It will say 5 to 15 min until destination. I do the speed limit, I use WAZE app, my car doesn't fly, and its not an amphibious car. Passenger got charged for that 5 to 15 min even though it didnt take that long and they get charged for the miles I didnt travel. This is why drivers are complaining. Uber and Lyft are making a few dollars less than us or the same amount. Nothing we can do as we agreed to be pd per mile and time. Upfront pricing scam. What sucks is riders think we are getting 75%/80% of the fare so they may not be tipping for that reason. Especially on long trips that are 50.00 to 150.00. I am driving for Uber as I text this. When I have some free time later today I will post some screen shots so passengers can see whats going on. O will also screen shot my next trip that says we have X amt of time until destination when we are all ready there.