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  • Uber snd Lyft were free so there wasnt much to lose but possibly some time and gas. It would be a no brainer if we knew we were going to get enough fares, if you were more honest and transparent than Uber and Lyft. There is no guarantee that people will use TRYP and the market is flooded with drivers now.  You seem to be getting annoyed when questions are being asked. Why wouldnt people ask questions? Your new. We dont know you or anyone else in the company. Cant find much on the internet other than negative feedback. If I go on a job interview tomorrow with an old reputable company thats well known I would ask questions. What do you expect, you and a few others post on ride share website to pay you 200.00 and everyone will flock to it and not ask questions? Again if you hire drivers that hand over money and dont ask questions I find that to be a problem. It's just stupidity. I am selling the Brooklyn Bridge and some swamp land in Florida maybe I should approach these drivers. I just went back and read your original post. It's all clear now. You are a driver that handed over money to TRYP and now you want other drivers to hand over their money so you can collect the referral bonus. That explains why you are getting annoyed with my questions because you dont know the answers. All you know is what they told you which obviously isnt much. I know 100% of the fare + tips, a no brainer. I apologize for assuming you were more involved in the company and could answer my questions. BTW what about thst bridge and some swamp land? If you are going to post on a ride share website intelligent people will have questions and will.wamt answers especially when they are pulling money out of their pocket. Maybe you dont need answers and trust everyone. I dont. You ever hear the saying "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is". If I am wrong I'll be the first to apologize. 



  • First just want to clarify I am a "she" a female. Of course I have many questions. Wouldn't you have many questions if you seen a new business they you may be interested in? The company is asking for 200.00 so of course there will be questions. Do you expect people to see your initial post and just hand over money no questions asked? I would hope you wouldnt want stupid people driving for your company because anyone who would sign up & not ask questions is naive or just plain stupid. You have enough negativity floating around out there. I would hope if you are trying to start a new business that you would want to convince people you are a legitimate company that will be successful. BTW are you a driver who signed up with TRYP & are trying to sign other drivers up for your bonus? Or are you someone who works for the company and is capable of answering these questions? 

  • Just because something isnt required doesnt mean it shouldnt be done. I agree 100% that it would be great  if riders would be vetted. Yes its not practical, understood. Yes I did read about the woman and her baby being murdered. Thread posted on forum. Absolutely a horrendous act of violence. I still think asking drivers for money up front from a new company is risky for the driver. Yes any new business can be risky and yes sometimes you need to take risk. Again this sounds great but there is a lot of negative comments floating out there about these being a scheme. Many drivers are obviously cautious as they should be. If this is going to be so great why charge drivers from day one? Why not allow 1st month or 2 be a lower fee of free? If driver makes decent money fee can be paid at the end of 1st month or 2?  If driver doesnt make 200.00 in first month or 2 (not enough rides offered) the money is made up by TRYP? If this works many drivers may start signing up. I think drivers need to see this actually working before they part with 200.00. As for now drivers need to be cautious as 200.00 isnt much if you are making money with TRYP but a lot to hand over not knowing if this will work. This may not seem like a lot of money to the company but for people living paycheck to paycheck it is. This is a great idea that I am sure most drivers would go for once there is proof that there is money to be made (riders willing to switch). Better rates for riders will mean lower fares for drivers. Fares are too low as it is for the driver. I still have to ask about the ratings? Is TRYP going to use same rating system? If not how will your rating system work?  Uber and Lyft rating system has done nothing but cause animosity between driver & passenger as red ANT stated. Just not good for business. Tolls, is rider paying them?  What about long pick ups? If we are traveling more than 10 min for example will rider be charged a fee? Is TRYP going to do anything about short rides? Even making 5.00 for these short rides we travel 10 min to are not worth it. What about customer services? Can we get a real person we can understand? Will they answer our question or issue with a reasonable answer or just with generic answers that may or may not help? If its too time consuming and  too many questions this should cover the rest of my questions. I am sure your company knows the problems with Uber and Lyft that the drivers have. What I am asking is will TRYP improve on these issues?  Or is it same as Uber & Lyft business model with the exception driver makes 100% of fare and driver pays fee? Is TRYP going to improve on some or most of drivers ussues or not at all. Although the fate thing if works will be great there are still many areas that need improvement.

    Best of luck. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Hopefully it is a better alternative than driving for other ride share. Again great idea and great opportunity just too much too risk at this time. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. 

  • Took one last ride Saturday night at a local bar called 3 Monkeys. Picked up male and female  who were either dating or married. They both passed out during the 3 mile ride. When we pulled up I was able to wake the guy easily. It took a little more to wake the female up. First words out of her mouth was "did you tip her" to which the male mumbled yes and kept saying "come on lets go". The female still somewhat half asleep asked again "did you tip her"? Now he was getting annoyed. Did the cheap jerk think I couldnt hear her asking or him lying? Hello you are right behind me, I speak English, not deaf, and not stupid. This was worse then "I'll tip you in the app". What a cheap, rude, a#&hole. Hopefully she isnt married to this idiot and realize what a jerk he really is. 

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     3 weeks ago in  5 necessary items all Uber drivers should have!

    I agree. When people get in a warm car from the cold their noses run. The entire ride all you here is sniffing. So annoying. That is one thing no one has left behind in my car. I do have a small bag for those dirty tissues.  So far everyone has taken them with them:)

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     3 weeks ago in  Lots of Driver Scams - Watch out, passengers!

    If riders would read Ubers guidelines and help section maybe they would know what to do and what is covered in the fare. As a new rider they should take the responsibilty of knowing what to expect and how service works. Then maybe they wouldnt get ripped off or scammed. You are getting into a car with a stranger and using a service, know what to expect. Its like people who purchase something have no idea how to use it, how to build it or whatever but wont read the directions. They download the Uber app and request a car but they dont read anything else like reading info in the app. If they get ripped off its mostly because they didnt look into. They didnt look any further than the screen to request a car. Unfortunately you are going to get ripped off when you know nothing about the service. The toll scam,  you know its a cashless transaction. SMH. If you you are that stupid not to check into something you are using for 1st time dont cry when something goes wrong. I love how all these articles about what drivers do wrong, how drivers scam riders, how awful drivers are. Yes, there are some evil mean drivers out there that dont care and are dishonest. Will lie and try to scam extra money but not all are like that. I could write a long list of things passengers do to get their fare refunded, get driver in trouble or deactivated, and many other things they do that are dishonest. The crap some of these passengers pull are rediculous. One of my favorites that happens all the time is "my friend just lives a few blocks can you drop them off or its on the way"? Happens to me every weekend on bar pick ups. There are many more things and when I first started driving I got caught up in a few of their lies. Some were my own fault  as I didnt go on rider app to check out it worked. Lessons learned.

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     3 weeks ago in  Lots of Driver Scams - Watch out, passengers!

    I usually sit at a gas station 2 blocks from my house waiting for rides when I start my shift. My house is 2 blocks from the gas station. Why would it matter if I sit at the gas station or sit at my house? It takes me 30 secs to go out start my car and head to pick up. If I am in my house or at the gas station its taking me same time to get there.   I am not getting paid til rider is in my car and start the trip. Why should Uber or rider dictate or care where I wait? Not costing them anything. Also no rules on Uber where you can and cant sit while waiting for rides. Before a driver accepts a trip they are on their own time. 

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     3 weeks ago in  TRYP (a new ridershare company) promising $500K a month?

    I have viewed info on mutiple sites. Forums, You Tube, people who blog for ride share, and more. Looked up CEO (founder) and he doesnt have a good track record. Majority of what I read says its a scam.  They claim that they invited only "good drivers" to join them. How do they know who is good? They were putting info up on here for past month asking us to give them our email. The info they have provided is vague.  I responded to a thread on ride guru that one of them posted. I asked some questions. Its been 24 hrs still no response.  Drivers I know will not send them money and I do not intend to either. I can only caution drivers to wait before sending them their hard earned money. 

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     3 weeks ago in  Does Uber charge a fee for scheduled rides?

    Thank you for posting as it made me look it up:).  I didnt know that scheduling 60 min or less you could still get hit with surge. 

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     3 weeks ago in  Does anyone really think this will make riders want to.tip?

    I agree. When we all pay 200.00 per month to sign up for TRYP (see thread on here if not sure what I am talking about) we can add their name. Lol These things are just getting rediculous.  I dont put signs up unless at airport or going to pick up in a  real busy area. The app gives our make & model, time of arrival and license plate. If I am pulling up and only car there that matches their app shouldn't be hard to figure out its me. I really rather not advertise for a few reasons. I really dont want lights all over my car advertising for Uber and Lyft:)

  • As a driver I've returned at least 10 items. Thankfully most are close to my home. I've had 2 where they were 25 to 40 min away. I collected 2 fees and  3 tips out of the 10. The others I returned but did not report to Uber as I said they were close to my home.  It took me 5/10 min to return. Last week 1 rider left I Phone, caused me to lose 30 min (long story)on the app. accepting rides and 23 min to meet him halfway the next day. He was drunk the night before very annoying and outspoken entire 30 min trip. Trust me 15.00 didnt cover the aggravation and lost time. If he had tipped me 5.00 I probably would've still reported to Uber for fee of 10.00. In normal circumstances, you leave phone, we get in contact, it takes me 5/10 min to return to you, you dont cause me lost time, you offer a tip then no I would not report at all for fee. Sometimes just the fact that you acknowledged that I went out of my way and offered a tip is enough for me.  Uber allows riders to contact us via the generic number for 24hrs. Unfortunately  they do not allow driver to contact rider on that number. Most people call it leave a message but not their phone number. Now not much of a choice but to contact Uber. However I have sent Uber a message not to charge rider. That probably wouldnt be a good idea to take a tip then take the fee as rider may contact Uber and complain. Uber may not be happy you did this and take fee back. If rider tips 15.00 or more no you should not take that fee. Definately being a jerk if you do. 

    FYI riders

    You leave an item in an Uber and get drivers VM leave a message with your real phone number if you are not uncomfortable doing so. You may get item back right away if they are still in the area. 

  • I have a few questions.  You state the fare for riders will be "just below" Uber and Lyft. How much below 5%, 10%? Approx. how much lower?  How are drivers going to be better when most drivers will come from Uber and Lyft? What type of background check will be done? Thats one of the biggest mistakes Uber and Lyft made. They did and continue to do 3rd party background checks. Why not do FBI Fingerprint Backgrounds? That would eliminate drivers who should not be on a ride share platform. Eliminate criminals from law abiding drivers. Is TRYP going to back the drivers or just automatically side with riders like Uber and Lyft do? Is there a customer service number drivers  can call if they need assistance? Will those representatives know how to actually help the driver or will they read from a script? When driver sends message is it being read by a person and will a person respond? Or do we get standard scripted answers that dont even apply to what the driver is asking? We are seeing the basics for TRYP, we know we pay a fee and get 100% of the fare but whate else is different from Uber and Lyft? Although pay is a big factor there is many other issues drivers have with current ride share companies. Are airports in the US going to accept another ride share company and allow them to pick up and drop off? I love the idea of keeping 100% of the fare but what else makes me take the chance to come drive for TRYP? Why am I going to pay a fee to drive for TRYP?  what makes me hand over 200.00 to a new company that may be the same or worse than the other 2? Are we going to run into the same problems where we are driving 10/20 min to a pick up and take a rider .75 miles? What about tolls is the riders paying tolls? What do we do in the beginning when people havent switched yet to TRYP? I pay 199.00 and get 2 trips that I make 15.00 total X 4 weeks. So now 140.00 of mine is lost. Approx how quickly does your research show that people will switch? How many riders are expected to use TRYP right away? Market is saturated with drivers now will TRYP make it worse? I could go on but I think you get my point. I understand you may not have exact numbers or answers but I assume you have done research and testing in some matkets what do they show? Why are we not seeing bill boards, ads, articles, commercials? Your company sounds great in theory but I assume  before drivers are going to put out their hard earned money they will need more info. see some press, and exposure. I know I want more info. before I hand over 200.00. Not trying to be difficult just want more info. 

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     4 weeks ago in  Would you speed for a tip?

    On smaller roads 25/40 mph I may go over speed limit but only if I know the area. Major highway 50/70 mph. Of course.  Nothing wrong with going over speed limit as long as traffic isnt heavy and you are not driving carelessly. 

  • Make money and flexibility. 

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     4 weeks ago in  TRYP (a new ridershare company) promising $500K a month?

    In case you wanted some answers on tryp. Click link below. 

    These people have posted on here a few times. I made a few negative comments saying it was BS and a female (dont remember her name) got all defensive. Telling me she couldnt put up info yet. I tried to be nice and act like I was interested to see what she had to say but when I questioned her about her email she wouldnt put it up. She wanted us to give our email addresses to her if interested. No thanks.


    I would trust what Harry Campbell - Therideshareguy has to say. See link below.

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     4 weeks ago in  TRYP (a new ridershare company) promising $500K a month?

    I remember them. 😊 If you didnt send it something terrible would happen to you or you would have bad luck for the rest of your life.

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     4 weeks ago in  Driver tried to pull a fast one

    When I first started driving I didnt realize my phone wasnt charging. My phone died. Within 2 min I got it on charger and notified Uber that I didnt end trip on time. The response I got back was "the amount charged to rider was still correct they would not need to change it".  I have forgot once or twice since then but its less than a minute after dropping off rider. As LG PA stated we want to end the ride to be able to move on and accept more trips. My app froze once and I couldnt end it but once you close it out and reopen it usually fixes itself. Only takes a few min. Dont think many drivers would take the risk as Uber would most likely find out. I have heard of a driver doing it on their very last day of driving for Uber (dont know how true it is). Even then dont make much sense because you cant accept any new trips.  

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     4 weeks ago in  TRYP (a new ridershare company) promising $500K a month?

    I am not handing out 200.00 to 400.00 per month to anyone. Where are we going to find riders? This is crazy. I would love to hear from a driver that pulled 400.00 out of pocket and see how many rides they got so far. Bet the answer is a big fat $0. Wondering if Tryp is the business a few people on here were trying to recruit drivers for. Is anyone really that naive?

  • Total dysfunction in our government. Who suffers? Tax payers. They all need to grow up and stop acting like spoiled children. 


    Driving this past Saturday night with passenger in heavy rain headed down Torresdale Ave.  I was 2 blocks from the intersection where I found the dog I talked about in previous thread. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a dog walking out between 2 parked cars. I say "shit"  swerve and hit brakes to avoid him and apologize to rider. Rider replies, "its ok I seen him". The one night I needed a back seat driver this male says nothing. Lol  I have (usually men older than 45) feel the need to back seat drive or give directions even though GPS is giving same directions. Guess some men still think women cant drive. Lol   I think he looks just like  the dog I found roaming in the streets months back. I looked at dog again and sure enough its him. Same crappy leash. Either the people let him roam or he is an escape artist. Either way I wish his owner would stop letting him out or do something to prevent him from escaping. He is going to get hurt or killed in an accident. Both times he was on heavily travelled roads in the dark. Had i not had a passenger I probably would've stopped again. Just thought it was interesting I came across the same dog. 

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     6 months ago in  Extra passengers

    This happened to me quite a few times. This particular night  I get a request for Uber X I can seat 4 safely. I pull up there are 3 people they say we are waiting for one more. I am paying no attention to back seat they say ok we are good I start trip get 5  blocks from pick up look in rear view mirror I have 4 in back 1 in front. So what do I do? Do I say something? Do I end trip there and boot them out? I am sure you are all saying I would of. Lol There is 5 of them one of me, oh forgot to mention I am not in a very good neighborhood. Do I call police? I probably won't get past 91 before one of them can take my phone and if I can connect with 911 chances are police will not be there before I am beaten and my car is on cinder blocks. So I take my time ride the right lane nice and slow, stay away from traffic. We get to destination still in another crappy hood. I quickly end trip. The person they are meeting doesn't answer their call so they are not moving out of my car. Uh hello trips over. So they continue to sit in my car for 10 min deciding what to do. Fnally I get another rider so  I find my voice and get the courage to say "I got to go" . Still another 2 min. go by. Finally guy comes out and they get their stuff out of my trunk and go on their way. Now I pull up with doors locked and don't unlock until I know how many are getting in my car. I've learned quite a few lessons driving for Uber this past year.

  • I've picked up strippers twice. One stripper had a fit & started screaming at me because I didnt pick her up at stripper enterance. The app put me in front of the place. I had never been there before. She called me screaming so I drive around to where she told me but there were people all over plus 2 entrances/exits so I ask the first female I see if she was my passenger. She ignores me then I see Mr. Big and Beefy with the tight muscle head shirt on wave me over. She opens door starts screaming why didnt you come here 1st & why were you talking to those people? I try to explain that the pick up location put me up front and what people are you talking about? She screams the people in the car. I reply "what people, what car" . She screams again the people in the car. I am getting annoyed now, because she hasnt stopped screaming at me and what people in what car not a clue who she was referring to. I should've left when I was eligible for cancel fee. We drive a mile GPS says make left turn screaming stripper barks order i will tell you where to go. We go another mile another barking order "pull into that gas station I need something". She needed something all right some manners or a foot up her ass. I pull in to this gas station that is packed has a line of cars to get in (will explain the line of cars at 3am at a gas station another time). I finally get into lot she gets out and I plot my escape. Why should I take her screaming, order barking ass anywhere else they dont pay me enough for this? I put the car in drive ready to pull out and my guilty conscience kicks in. Its 3am you cant do that. Then the  little devil on my shoulder says go for it. Good conscience won I stayed but when she got back in I had a little talk with her. By the time i dropped her off she was happy. So happy when she got out she said "i am going to give you 5 stars". I wanted to reply "stick your 5 stars so far up (that thing you shake for money)that they shoot out of your mouth and hand over some of those bills you made tonight.  She was out right rude and bossy. 

    The 2nd stripper I picked up didnt yell at me but she also barked orders. Wont get into much detail as I just wrote a book about stripper #1. Her barking orders were hello as she entered car  order #1"put this radio station on, order #2 turn volumn up ill tell you when to stop" #3 dont speak to me while music is on #4 put the heat up. No please no thank you ànd you guessed it no tip. Last but not least we pull up to destination my app shows end trip you've arrived i end it wait for her to get the hell out. But she needs to bark 1 more order #5 "I've never been here before just sit here until I can find my friend then you can leave". Must be a stripper thing to bark orders and not tip. These 2 were in my first month of driving they taught me a few things that night.  No, one of those things was not how to work a stripper pole. Thanks for sharing R Paulson. Would love to here more stories. 

  • This time I pick up 3 men in there 30's from India at a strip club in Bensalem PA. They get in dont seem really intoxicated. We have a coversation then they are talking amongst themselves. I look at GPS. Its putting me on PA Turnpike. Now where ever I get off I am not going to know where I am so obviously relying on GPS completely. Go up a few exists get off. Its dark as hell. I swear Bucks County suburbs doesnt like or is too cheap to put up street lights. Everything is so dark you see nothing  when you look behind you. At this times roads are not only dark but no traffic around. The guys start speaking in their language now, up to this point their conversations were all English even to each other. Before I go further I was under impression destination was one of their homes. Now I have to turn into a dark business complex. Everything closed no one around.  My mind thinks they are plotting to hack me up into little pieces lol This is just too shady. No houses, everything dark, no people, no cars. I am so ready to turn around at this point but had no idea where I could go or what i would say to them about turning around. Hearts pounding, nervous. Drive about .5 mile and up on my right was a Hotel. Never so grateful to see one. This was my 2nd experience on a ride that really scared me being a female driver. I think after all my stripper, strip club experiences (as I have 2 other time I had a pick up) I need to stay away from those places. Those rides are either miserable, scarey  or just plain strange. Do you think Uber would deactivate me for not driving to or picking up from those places? Lol Yes definately. 

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     5 months ago in  Can you select the gender of the operator?

    I think you should be able to. I have had a few riders who are happy to see a woman driver. I even had a male who said he would rather have a woman because a male driver may be able to over power a male rider. Some of these young girls pass out from drinking. Some are so drunk that a male driver could do something and she probably wouldnt remember. If these women who got raped had a female than the rape would've never happened. Young women tell me all the time some of their male drivers hit on them  some are just creepy make them feel uncomfortable. One young woman said her driver bought her cigs alcohol, and tried to kiss her after ride was over. Women tend not to be criminals, rapist, etc. I would think they wouldnt be hitting on male passengers to the point that the msle rider is uncomfortable. Unfortunately these women who have had these issues dont report driver because they are afraid he will come back to their house. 

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     1 month ago in  Does Uber charge a fee for scheduled rides?

    Lilly, Can you please clarify or correct me if I am wrong as I dont want to be giving my riders wrong info. If you schedule a ride more than 60 min. in advance your fare is locked in. If you schedule a ride in less than 60 min. in advance Uber gives you an estimate. Then when you are matched with a driver fare could increase if there is a surge in your area. Thank you.