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     1 month ago in  Uber Instant pay not working. Anyone hsving trouble?

    Took few hours but finally worked.

  • There will be a catch if they do go forward with it. Neither Uber or Lyft give anything away without a catch especially to drivers. Drivers are a mearly a means to an end. Probably have to sign on to drive for them indefinitely accepting every ping and not cancelling a single ping 12 hrs per day 7 days per week. Not only do you have to do this but your children will when they are old enough and when your childrens children are old enough they will have to do it also. Especially when their autonomous vehicles are not ready when they expect them to be. 

  • You should of told your rider he called a Lyft and went back to his country. 

  • Base it on the rating system. Did they tip you? Were they polite? Did they puke in your car? Were they annoying and rude? 5 stars, return the item. 4 stars, maybe. 3 stars or less sorry I cleaned my car and didnt find a thing or the rider after you must have found it and kept it, or consider it a tip:)

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     1 month ago in  New Surge System Revolt Cleveland, OH

    Since the surge changed to flat fees I have seen an average of $2 to $8.00 Mostly $4.00 or less. Once in awhile during a storm or holiday it may go to $15.00/20.00. The storm back in November hit 30.00 in Center City first and last time I seen that. Yes its nice to hit a surge and be able to hold on to it until next ride but I am not real excited over 2.00.

     What I am curious about a few months back my daughter called me about 2:15 am to pick her and her friends up because Uber was asking for 122.00 from Center City to Far Northeast Philly. Normally with no surge ride for XL would be $45/$50. I went on my driver app it was showing a 10.00 surge for driver. Where was rest of the money going? Not in drivers pocket. Of course riders think thats where its going. So why tip us if we are making all that money for a 25 min ride? Just Uber screwing over driver yet again. 

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     1 month ago in  Can You Find Love in a Rideshare?

    I've had people interested in the person that they shared a ride with. Both times one male one female felt awkward and never said a word. After I dropped the person off they said something to me. Not much I could do for them. I did end up picking up the 1 girl a few weeks later. Told her that on our last ride the male she shared the ride with was interested in her. I find out she was only 16 yrs old. I was shocked and I am sure the guy that was interested wouldnt been shocked also. Never took a request again from that McDonalds as she shouldnt even be in an Uber without an adult. Thankfully I hadnt done anything to try and hook them up. However I learned never assume the riders you pick up from work are over 18 even if its 2am. She was in full McDonalds uniform with baseball hat she looked older than 16.  Normally 16yr olds cant work after 10pm/12am (forget which time) during the week (school nights). Learned my lesson on screening riders better. It does suck this is our responsibility as a driver though. 

    I also have picked up 2 female riders on different nights who happened to be my sons good friends "booty call". So very awkward:) Once I discovered where they were going I asked how they knew Mike or Jarred.  Explained to the girls that I knew Mike & Jarred they are my sons good friend. I've known them since they were 14 (25 now). Thats when the questions started does he have a gf? No of course not (yes, but I am not telling you that), is he a good guy? Yes, wonderful (but not tonight as his gf probably doesn't know you are coming over). I ran into this 2X, i now know just to keep my mouth shut especially since they can rate me up to a month after the ride:) It has been the topic of many conversations when Mike & Jarred are over. I told them they are going to have to start paying me to keep my mouth shut. I would make more $ being quiet than I would driving their one night stands to their home. Funny thing is both girls tipped me when normally young girls riding pool dont tip. Now after posting this it could turn into a lucrative business. Ride plus tip, hush $ from the guys. 

    I don't see finding love in an Uber or Lyft happening often but you never know. Purposely looking for it on a rideshare trip, save your money. There has to be better places to meet people. 


  • Either she is plain stupid or more to story. You wonder if these stories are even true. If they are the writer needs to give more info as they make these people seem really stupid or not credible. 

  • LMAO.Great advice.

  • Agreed. If I get out of my car for rider its to help with luggage or bags. No way am I entering anyones home especially a male. No offense to men but thats just a dumbass move for a female. She hands him her phone also. Another dumbass move. Lets say she helped him get in although I find that fishy as I stated in last reply. Why enter the house? Why let the dude close the door? Give up your phone? You all ready got 20.00 take the cash get in your car and go. Sometimes i think people want attention, hope story goes viral their 5 min of fame, or looking for a lawsuit. Or just PLAIN STUPID.

  • I am a few years younger than her I can kind of understanding maybe helping him but why enter the home? Why would you even shut the door? As soon as dude shut the door I would find that to be a problem. Why didnt she leave right after trip? She had to be sitting there for a min to see he was struggling to get in. I wait for my passengers usually females late at night to get their door open but then I roll. I agree seems fishy to me. What else did she expect from Uber a bonus? She should've never entered that house. Stupidity on her part. Although some people are naive. 

  • I agree. Lucky salsa wasnt hot and spicy because I am sure he probably didnt clean it up well. Lol Not a man but I would assume if it reached areas where there are holes it would burn:) 

  • Yes totally disgusting. What does he do to other peoples food when they tip absolutely nothing? Suppose the person just rounded it off to make it even amt. coming out of their debit/credit card? When he got there maybe they would tip a few $ in cash. I may pay with credit/debit but always cash. There are times I tip a strange amt. to round off.  I prefer to tip in cash. I am giving a server, Uber, delivery person a tip much rather they get all the $ & not hand any over 25/30% for taxes. It's always nice to get a few bucks for a tip and it sucks when you dont. Unfortunately some people dont tip no matter what you cant go around do what this douche did. I want to throw up thinking about it.                                                                                                     

    I am now tipping delivery people with my credit card so they know they are getting a tip. Dont need anything added to my food. Definately dont want nut flavored soup or salsa or extra teabags in my tea:)


    Always tip your delivery person or you may be eating things that are not on the menu.

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     1 month ago in  Methadone clinic

    That would be my suggestion. Maybe once you go to the clinic you can find someone who lives in your area that also goes to the clinic and you could share the cost.

  • Happened agsin last night. Went over Walt Whitman toll not paid. Not even trying to argue with Uber all it does is waste my time. I checked GPS to see how much further a non toll road would be. This is rediculous. Trip takes me out of my home state, i wasnt rematched for ride home into Philly, and not adding these extra miles and time. Paying the toll was obviously the better idea. I had back to back long trips and just wanted to get home also. I lucked out on this one as it was surged and tipped 5.00 just sucks paying this toll when i shouldnt have to. 

  • I agree they have to be making billions. Problem is they are probably spending it as fast as they make it. Self driving cars, Uber air transport (Uber airplane - ride sharing). Dont forget Dara's salary and all the lawsuits:)

  • Thank you for correcting:) I was able to correct it in the heading. The link obviously I cant correct as that says 18 billion also:) Thanks again!

  • I didnt cancel a ride. I stopped taking request for a few minutes. I dont think it had anything to do with that. When I 1st started driving I had a few issues with NJ bridge. Most times they would pay me once i sent message. I had 3 or 4X they didnt. This time I've sent them like 5 messages and they refused to pay. When I use TP they always give me toll if they miss it. I think what they are not understanding is although toll is only one way coming out of NJ technically it is for both ways. They made it one way for traffic purposes, and probably to cut down on amount of toll booth operators. Those 4 bridges always had a toll both ways until years ago when they changed it. I understand I dont have a rider but what pisses me off is I dont live in NJ I wouldnt of used bridge except trip took me over there. It shouldn't be our responsibility to pay that toll. I've had this discussion with a few riders and they all agreed it was their responsibility to cover it. The least Uber could do is pay half on these bridges. I even set destination filter to try and get rider back to Philly. The only thing I can think of its because i went off the app. to get gas & take a few min. break as I just got done 2 long trips. These non english speaking idiots dont have a clue. Once one says no the rest follow and keep saying no. It's just these 4 bridges into NJ from Philly because toll is set up on 1 side of bridge. I have no problem other bridges or TP. At this point I've wasted more time arguing with these clueless idiots its not worth it. 

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     8 months ago in  Extra passengers

    This happened to me quite a few times. This particular night  I get a request for Uber X I can seat 4 safely. I pull up there are 3 people they say we are waiting for one more. I am paying no attention to back seat they say ok we are good I start trip get 5  blocks from pick up look in rear view mirror I have 4 in back 1 in front. So what do I do? Do I say something? Do I end trip there and boot them out? I am sure you are all saying I would of. Lol There is 5 of them one of me, oh forgot to mention I am not in a very good neighborhood. Do I call police? I probably won't get past 91 before one of them can take my phone and if I can connect with 911 chances are police will not be there before I am beaten and my car is on cinder blocks. So I take my time ride the right lane nice and slow, stay away from traffic. We get to destination still in another crappy hood. I quickly end trip. The person they are meeting doesn't answer their call so they are not moving out of my car. Uh hello trips over. So they continue to sit in my car for 10 min deciding what to do. Fnally I get another rider so  I find my voice and get the courage to say "I got to go" . Still another 2 min. go by. Finally guy comes out and they get their stuff out of my trunk and go on their way. Now I pull up with doors locked and don't unlock until I know how many are getting in my car. I've learned quite a few lessons driving for Uber this past year.

  • I've picked up strippers twice. One stripper had a fit & started screaming at me because I didnt pick her up at stripper enterance. The app put me in front of the place. I had never been there before. She called me screaming so I drive around to where she told me but there were people all over plus 2 entrances/exits so I ask the first female I see if she was my passenger. She ignores me then I see Mr. Big and Beefy with the tight muscle head shirt on wave me over. She opens door starts screaming why didnt you come here 1st & why were you talking to those people? I try to explain that the pick up location put me up front and what people are you talking about? She screams the people in the car. I reply "what people, what car" . She screams again the people in the car. I am getting annoyed now, because she hasnt stopped screaming at me and what people in what car not a clue who she was referring to. I should've left when I was eligible for cancel fee. We drive a mile GPS says make left turn screaming stripper barks order i will tell you where to go. We go another mile another barking order "pull into that gas station I need something". She needed something all right some manners or a foot up her ass. I pull in to this gas station that is packed has a line of cars to get in (will explain the line of cars at 3am at a gas station another time). I finally get into lot she gets out and I plot my escape. Why should I take her screaming, order barking ass anywhere else they dont pay me enough for this? I put the car in drive ready to pull out and my guilty conscience kicks in. Its 3am you cant do that. Then the  little devil on my shoulder says go for it. Good conscience won I stayed but when she got back in I had a little talk with her. By the time i dropped her off she was happy. So happy when she got out she said "i am going to give you 5 stars". I wanted to reply "stick your 5 stars so far up (that thing you shake for money)that they shoot out of your mouth and hand over some of those bills you made tonight.  She was out right rude and bossy. 

    The 2nd stripper I picked up didnt yell at me but she also barked orders. Wont get into much detail as I just wrote a book about stripper #1. Her barking orders were hello as she entered car  order #1"put this radio station on, order #2 turn volumn up ill tell you when to stop" #3 dont speak to me while music is on #4 put the heat up. No please no thank you ànd you guessed it no tip. Last but not least we pull up to destination my app shows end trip you've arrived i end it wait for her to get the hell out. But she needs to bark 1 more order #5 "I've never been here before just sit here until I can find my friend then you can leave". Must be a stripper thing to bark orders and not tip. These 2 were in my first month of driving they taught me a few things that night.  No, one of those things was not how to work a stripper pole. Thanks for sharing R Paulson. Would love to here more stories. 

  • This time I pick up 3 men in there 30's from India at a strip club in Bensalem PA. They get in dont seem really intoxicated. We have a coversation then they are talking amongst themselves. I look at GPS. Its putting me on PA Turnpike. Now where ever I get off I am not going to know where I am so obviously relying on GPS completely. Go up a few exists get off. Its dark as hell. I swear Bucks County suburbs doesnt like or is too cheap to put up street lights. Everything is so dark you see nothing  when you look behind you. At this times roads are not only dark but no traffic around. The guys start speaking in their language now, up to this point their conversations were all English even to each other. Before I go further I was under impression destination was one of their homes. Now I have to turn into a dark business complex. Everything closed no one around.  My mind thinks they are plotting to hack me up into little pieces lol This is just too shady. No houses, everything dark, no people, no cars. I am so ready to turn around at this point but had no idea where I could go or what i would say to them about turning around. Hearts pounding, nervous. Drive about .5 mile and up on my right was a Hotel. Never so grateful to see one. This was my 2nd experience on a ride that really scared me being a female driver. I think after all my stripper, strip club experiences (as I have 2 other time I had a pick up) I need to stay away from those places. Those rides are either miserable, scarey  or just plain strange. Do you think Uber would deactivate me for not driving to or picking up from those places? Lol Yes definately. 

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     7 months ago in  Can you select the gender of the operator?

    I think you should be able to. I have had a few riders who are happy to see a woman driver. I even had a male who said he would rather have a woman because a male driver may be able to over power a male rider. Some of these young girls pass out from drinking. Some are so drunk that a male driver could do something and she probably wouldnt remember. If these women who got raped had a female than the rape would've never happened. Young women tell me all the time some of their male drivers hit on them  some are just creepy make them feel uncomfortable. One young woman said her driver bought her cigs alcohol, and tried to kiss her after ride was over. Women tend not to be criminals, rapist, etc. I would think they wouldnt be hitting on male passengers to the point that the msle rider is uncomfortable. Unfortunately these women who have had these issues dont report driver because they are afraid he will come back to their house. 

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     2 months ago in  Does Uber charge a fee for scheduled rides?

    Lilly, Can you please clarify or correct me if I am wrong as I dont want to be giving my riders wrong info. If you schedule a ride more than 60 min. in advance your fare is locked in. If you schedule a ride in less than 60 min. in advance Uber gives you an estimate. Then when you are matched with a driver fare could increase if there is a surge in your area. Thank you.