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  • Good thinking RedAnt. I was so damn angry I just pulled away.

  • Yes it is. I was so damn annoyed and angry I stopped driving for the night. I just cant believe these parents dont value their childrens lives at all. The drivers that refuse to take these people with kids care more than their own parents. So sad. Drivers out there that take these kids i hope that $10/$20 is worth possible prison time, fines, law suits, etc... you know damn right that irresponsible parent will sue the driver. The stupidity amazes me. The law has been out for awhile, all 50 states.  But lets say its not a law its your kids lives. SMH. Uber and Lyft dont care but ypu know as well as I do what they will do in event of an accident. Their response, "Its in the guidlines to follow laws regarding safety seats". They will wash their hands of the whole thing and  throw driver under the bus.


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     2 months ago in  What do you all think of the new Uber logo?

    No. I just received a message on Monday to confirm my address so they can send me my new stickers. 

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     2 months ago in  Would you speed for a tip?

    If passenger asked I would do it without the tip. Of course I wouldnt tell them that if they offered a tip. I get frustrated doing 55 on a major highway but of course with passenger in car I dont have much of a choice usually cruise at 60. Happy to do 65/70 if asked.

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     2 months ago in  MEDIUM COOL (Only Really Old People Will Get The Title)

    That was nice of you to help her. Unfortunately in todays world people tend to look the other way. If it wasnt for you following her police may have not found her. 

    Some of the situations I've got involved in while driving have been crazy. Almost walked in to an armed robbery. An Uber request saved me from that mess. Another night a very high or intoxicated motorcyclist and passenger were in WAWA parking lot. Employees called 911 as they were concerned when he started nodding off while getting his coffee. Police hid down the street but were spotted. As i left I told the officer. He asked me to make a u turn to which he would pretend to be pulling me over. At that point drunk or high motorcyclist pulled out and cop went after him. They were both arrested. Riders i had one night involved in a bar fight that spilled into parking lot up against my car. Took one of the riders to get first aid supplies to ckean her up. Had to talk to Uber investigators over that one as they deactivated rider until they investigated it.  Another night girl was passed out in car at gas pump where I sit waiting for rides. Barely breathing & heart rate slow & irregular. Glass pipe in 1 hand lighter in the other. Pounded on car no response luckily door was unlocked. Shook her yelled no response finally gave her 2 sternal rubs and she opened her eyes. Said she was tired. Sternal rub very painful you dont sleep through it trust me. I could go on and on. Uber/Lyft very interesting out there in the world between 1am to 5 am.  You never know what you will see or what the night holds for you. Someone should write a book of Uber/Lyft short stories. Sure it would be interesting, crazy, and very funny. Nice to hear some people out there still willing to help.

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     2 months ago in  How to report an uber driver

    Passenger was inside gas station and driver was waiting in parking lot with their child in the car? Just curious approx. how old was the child? Did the child see him snorting it? Is it possible driver had stickers on car but not necessarily working at the time (not good either)?  I dont remove my decals even when I am off as the adhesive wears off. Maybe his family/friend in the car (not that thats any better)? Kind of hard to say what they were snorting as people snort cocaine, meth, pills (oxycodone, morphine, heroin etc.   Regardless they shouldn't be snorting anything at anytime. The reason I am asking is if you report it to Uber and he isnt working that could cause issues with you & Uber. If you knew for a fact he was working, people were not family/friends then maybe could've approached them in gas station and say "just a heads up but just seen your driver snorting drugs in the car". Then its in riders hands . They could report it and you avoid having to report it and you may just have saved riders lives. Why would someone leave their child in the car with a stranger? I dont care how old or how long.  People are really careless especially with their children. As far as police you can try to call 911 they will tell you they will send someone. Most likely the driver leaves before police get there. Here in Philly and Bensalem (Bucks County). They cant always just take the word of a citizen they need to witness it or wait til they pull away.  If they get there in time they will wait to see what they do. If they start their car and vehicle starts to move then police will have reason to pull them over. At that point its driving under the influence. Good luck. 

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     2 months ago in  Passenger Specific Playlists - One way to boost your ratings.

    I have play list set up on you tube red. I can use the following playlists or rider can choose whatever they want.  Oldies 50,  60, 70's.  My personal playlist that has a variety of 70's through present (mostly rock, metal, alternative, 80's rap and some Eminem.  This seems to be most popular. Then I had my 21 yr old daughter make me a playlist (labeled update music), and one for one hit wonders. I dont have a country play list, mumble rap, or hard core rap. In 1750 rides only ever had 2 people ask for country and 2 riders ask for mumble rap (thankfully) on both as I would rather stick  screwdrivers in my eardrum.  I did however put it on for them. Playing good music or allowing rider to play theirs has helped me receive some decent tips. It is also a good topic for conversation.

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     2 months ago in  Can passengers sit and ride in front? (of an Uber?)

    As a driver it doesnt make a difference to me where people sit.  Some riders ask where they should sit, some just jump in the front, others will ask if its ok to sit in front. I tell my riders to sit where they are most comfortable. The only time I feel uncomfortable is when a rider sits up front and doesnt say a word. It doesnt happen often but I've had a few. They were my most awkward rides:)

  • Oh no I would've been super embarrassed. I wonder when he threw up,  if you had a weak stomach it made you throw up, if he would'vd reported it to Uber. Lol That really wouldnt be funny but I could see some drivers doing something like that. If that way me while driving I wouldve tried to grab a barf bag. Then I wouldve apologized profusely and refunded your money on the app. I couldnt even imagine. That was super nice of you not to rate him. I didnt gave my pukey riders 5 stars.  I knew I would never be paired with the New Years people because of their location and where I normally drive. I did however shoot Uber a message asking them not to pair them with me again. They said yes. We all make mistakes no sense in trashing their rating. 

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     2 months ago in  How do I recognize my driver? Any tips?

    Make sure you update the app if you havent done so since before summer. I believe you will not be able to see it unless you update.  It rolled out around the time of new driver app. I wish more riders used it. Big help in dark areas or crowded places. Not every city has it. I am in Philadelphia. Not sure what other cities have it. 


     I am not talking about the "Beacon Light" that drivers have on their dash similar to Lyft. What is here in Philly is Uber assigns rider a color or rider picks color not sure which. Once color is determined (I'll use blue). Driver gets a text that says "Rider has blue light"  or something similar to that wording. Rider's screen emits a blue light and then  holds it up. As driver approaches they can see the phone/light. Only seen it 2X so far. 

    The beacon that Ippei posted about below is rider will see "tap to set beacon color" then tap Uber Logo on lower right hand corner of screen to go to color selector. On the bottom corner of drivers windshield will be an Uber logo that will light up with the color rider selected. I was unable to find what cities they are testing this in.

  • I feel I should explain a little more on my logic and why I feel the way I do. I do just about whatever a rider asks within reason.  Make an extra stop, 2, sometimes 3 stops that rider doesnt put in app. Drop off their friend or 2 a few blocks away or on the way (more times than not not a few blocks & not on the way). Take express pool riders to their front door because even though they choose express pool i cannot leave a female rider put on street corner at 230am. All of what I just mentioned can cause me to miss another ride and maybe a good paying ride. I have picked up two different females who were so drunk they fell in the street and friend couldnt get them up, one in pouring rain 2 hrs. into my 12 hr night. I got to drive 20 hrs in soggy wet clothes. Helped both up their steps to front door I didnt get so much as a thank you from the 1 in the rain. Is that part of being an Uber drivers job? Sorry but no. Is it because its the decent right thing to do? yes I felt it was thats why I did it and not for a tip but i feel they should've tipped. Lady orders an Uber pool pull up to supermarket 22 bags my Honda Pilot was full every seat and trunk. Now I cant take anymore riders again I lost money. I loaded all of 2 bags and unloaded out of car up her driveway up 4 steps all 22 bags. Ride made me 3.45 no tip, possibly lost 2 other pool riders, and i had to cancel a 15 mile  XL trip as rider needed to leave immediately couldnt wait. 3 people have thrown up in my car didnt report any of them to Uber. 2 of them friends helped me clean car and it was thankfully just liquid. One put me out of commission on New Years Eve as throw up froze to the outside of my car. Not only did I lose 2 hrs on busy night but needed 1 trip for 65.00 bonus. Husband gave me 20.00. I try to be kind and understanding. I try to do the right thing.

     I am not asking for a pat on the back, a medal, or a 100.00 tip. I am sure there are many other drivers who do extra  things for thie riders also. I made my choices not one of them forced me to do or not do any of it. If drivers should be a kind, decent human being so should riders. 

     In the examples I posted those people should have tipped. If I had done any of that to a driver your damn right I would've tipped and tipped big. I am not an unreasonable person. It very frustrating when you go an extra step and people like i mentioned above cant be considerate enough to tip.  Its funny how the more you do for someone you get no tip or not much of one. The less you do the more people tip and the bigger they tip. (Not in all instances but a lot of them) Go figure. 



  •  Your missing my point. In my first post I was asking why wouldn't someone tip if the driver was polite, kind, courteous, helpful, respectful etc...? Not just those few things but also (small favor) ex. loads packages, bags, luggage, etc... makes unscheduled stop for rider ex.  store, drive thru, mac machine etc... Doesnt get lost, car neat and clean. Offers charger if rider needs phone charged. Checks to make sure temp is comfortable and what music rider prefers. All of these together as the whole ride experience. Hence the question why wouldnt a rider tip? At least 1.00? So if driver did all of the above things for a rider I just dont understand why someone wouldnt tip. As a rider I tip my driver based on car clean & neat, smells good, driver polite, gets me to & from destination safely (if its raining heavy or snowing there are many obstacles the driver faces) not just the weather but other idiots on the road who cant drive in inclement weather, on their phone,  or drunk. Before Uber/Lyft if I took a taxi I tipped 20% on top of the high priced fare. So why wouldnt I tip an U/L driver?  Jow are they any different (in my opinion most U/L drivers & their cars are much better than taxi).? Lets say I am out drinking I would obviously tip the bartender. Why would I tip a bartender 20% for bringing me drinks but not tip my driver who drove me home safely and saved me from a DUI and got me home safely?  People in service industry work for tips. Taxi drivers were always tipped 20% on top of the high priced fare unless the rider was cheap. Just dont see how this any different if not a better, cheaper, easier solution than ordering a taxi. Not even saying 20% just wondering why not even 1.00 tip.  

     As for my 2nd post (reply to your post) I was responding to your post. You posted "driver greeted me nicely", "driver knew destination & didnt get lost", and "driver not speaking on phone" i just re read it as I was going to respond and misinterpeted what you were saying. I do agree with your post those things are the norm or at least should 

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     2 months ago in  The Importance of Staying Alert (The World Needs More 'LERTS)

    Great job avoiding the idiot. The more I drive the more idiots I see that are plain rude, dont care what they do, are on their phone texting/talking, just cant drive or are drunk.  You have to wonder where and how some of these people get their license. Bet he stopped to answer phone or read/type text.  The more I drive for Uber the more I feel like I am playing a video game. It's a mix of Grand Theft Auto (only picking up riders not hookers, well maybe hookers sometimes) and Frogger (old arcade game) dodging traffic in some levels.  Forget when it rains or snows all the idiots are out in full force. Stay safe out there.

  • Bigfrank you never let me down with your comments. Lol I was waiting.

  • I am not surprised. Uber is the most dishonest company in business. Hopefully one day soon someone will blow the whistle on all their wrong doings, lies, and BS. I am sure there is a very long list. 

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     2 months ago in  About payments

    Some drivers may accept cash. Chances of  finding a driver on the day anf time you need one may not be easy unless you know of a place where a few drivers may sit. I have people approach me asking to drive them for cash but decline them for obvious reasons. Yes I pick up strangers all the time but Uber knows where I am and has info on the rider. Driver is not covered under insrance if its cash. It's their own insurance at that time if they get in accident. I do have additional ride share insurance but not every driver does. You risk losing your insurance if company finds out and you dont have additional ride share insurance. However I have done it on a few occassions for extenuating circumstances but its not the best thing to do. I do know there are drivers that will do it finding one is the issue. The only thing I can suggest is looking for a car with stickers on it and approach driver. Best to approach a male driver as a female driver we can be more uncomfortable taking a male for cash. You can try putting your general location on here to see if anyone will get back to you. If you find someone you may want to ask if they are willing to give their phone number so you can call if you need more rides.  

  • I dont think anyone stated "in one piece" not sure what you are asking? Why would you not tip for driver greeting you nicely, like a human being? Yes all drivers see the destination but doesnt always mean the GPS directions are correct. Obviously if they mess up do to their error and not GPS error I agree 100% for not tipping. I also agree they shouldnt be on their phone just rude to do so. Thanks for sharing and giving your opinion.

  • Sounds like a plan. I agree especially with bzckground checks. Fingerprinted FBI check is under 50.00,. I want to say 35/40. Its easy and a few places in area are licensed to do. Results come back very fast. In some cases instantly. The only issue I see with car seats is fhe age of child. My kids are in their teens and 20's but if I remember correctly there are 3 stages of car seats. It would be tough to keep multiple car seats in our our cars. Maybe they make one seat that converts and can be used for different stages. The other issue is if we lend a carseat to rider and that particular car seat had recall we would be responsible if something happened. I got that info on amother post hete on the site. I do however carry a bosster seat (age 6 and over) it cost me 13.00. Easy to store in trunk, dont take up much room, light weight. Since its only a booster not a protective seat no issue with liability. It pd for itself in one ride. Now no need to decline rides if kids are 6 yrs old & up. 

  • I dont think tipping rideshare drivers is ever going to reach 50%:) Tipping % seems to have gone down from how many riders tip and how much they tip. Had many more tips and bigger tips when I first started then compared to this year. I drive bigger vehicle, navagation has improved (not that it was bad before), ratings pretty much the same as last year,  got a little more cautious with my driving but not to an extreme. Havent really changed anything. So not sure why tips are less frequent and definately less amt. then use to receive. Cheaper riders? Younger riders? Definately notice under 30 yrs old are awful tippers.

  • I would love to drive in city where riders tip 90% of the time. Maybe if you frequent areas where people are 30 yrs old and above tipping % would increase.  I find riders who are under 30 yrs old tip the least. 30 to 40 yrs old usually tip, above 40 yrs old always seem to tip. Very rare not to receive a tip from 40 yr old +.

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     6 months ago in  Extra passengers

    This happened to me quite a few times. This particular night  I get a request for Uber X I can seat 4 safely. I pull up there are 3 people they say we are waiting for one more. I am paying no attention to back seat they say ok we are good I start trip get 5  blocks from pick up look in rear view mirror I have 4 in back 1 in front. So what do I do? Do I say something? Do I end trip there and boot them out? I am sure you are all saying I would of. Lol There is 5 of them one of me, oh forgot to mention I am not in a very good neighborhood. Do I call police? I probably won't get past 91 before one of them can take my phone and if I can connect with 911 chances are police will not be there before I am beaten and my car is on cinder blocks. So I take my time ride the right lane nice and slow, stay away from traffic. We get to destination still in another crappy hood. I quickly end trip. The person they are meeting doesn't answer their call so they are not moving out of my car. Uh hello trips over. So they continue to sit in my car for 10 min deciding what to do. Fnally I get another rider so  I find my voice and get the courage to say "I got to go" . Still another 2 min. go by. Finally guy comes out and they get their stuff out of my trunk and go on their way. Now I pull up with doors locked and don't unlock until I know how many are getting in my car. I've learned quite a few lessons driving for Uber this past year.

  • I've picked up strippers twice. One stripper had a fit & started screaming at me because I didnt pick her up at stripper enterance. The app put me in front of the place. I had never been there before. She called me screaming so I drive around to where she told me but there were people all over plus 2 entrances/exits so I ask the first female I see if she was my passenger. She ignores me then I see Mr. Big and Beefy with the tight muscle head shirt on wave me over. She opens door starts screaming why didnt you come here 1st & why were you talking to those people? I try to explain that the pick up location put me up front and what people are you talking about? She screams the people in the car. I reply "what people, what car" . She screams again the people in the car. I am getting annoyed now, because she hasnt stopped screaming at me and what people in what car not a clue who she was referring to. I should've left when I was eligible for cancel fee. We drive a mile GPS says make left turn screaming stripper barks order i will tell you where to go. We go another mile another barking order "pull into that gas station I need something". She needed something all right some manners or a foot up her ass. I pull in to this gas station that is packed has a line of cars to get in (will explain the line of cars at 3am at a gas station another time). I finally get into lot she gets out and I plot my escape. Why should I take her screaming, order barking ass anywhere else they dont pay me enough for this? I put the car in drive ready to pull out and my guilty conscience kicks in. Its 3am you cant do that. Then the  little devil on my shoulder says go for it. Good conscience won I stayed but when she got back in I had a little talk with her. By the time i dropped her off she was happy. So happy when she got out she said "i am going to give you 5 stars". I wanted to reply "stick your 5 stars so far up (that thing you shake for money)that they shoot out of your mouth and hand over some of those bills you made tonight.  She was out right rude and bossy. 

    The 2nd stripper I picked up didnt yell at me but she also barked orders. Wont get into much detail as I just wrote a book about stripper #1. Her barking orders were hello as she entered car  order #1"put this radio station on, order #2 turn volumn up ill tell you when to stop" #3 dont speak to me while music is on #4 put the heat up. No please no thank you ànd you guessed it no tip. Last but not least we pull up to destination my app shows end trip you've arrived i end it wait for her to get the hell out. But she needs to bark 1 more order #5 "I've never been here before just sit here until I can find my friend then you can leave". Must be a stripper thing to bark orders and not tip. These 2 were in my first month of driving they taught me a few things that night.  No, one of those things was not how to work a stripper pole. Thanks for sharing R Paulson. Would love to here more stories. 

  • This time I pick up 3 men in there 30's from India at a strip club in Bensalem PA. They get in dont seem really intoxicated. We have a coversation then they are talking amongst themselves. I look at GPS. Its putting me on PA Turnpike. Now where ever I get off I am not going to know where I am so obviously relying on GPS completely. Go up a few exists get off. Its dark as hell. I swear Bucks County suburbs doesnt like or is too cheap to put up street lights. Everything is so dark you see nothing  when you look behind you. At this times roads are not only dark but no traffic around. The guys start speaking in their language now, up to this point their conversations were all English even to each other. Before I go further I was under impression destination was one of their homes. Now I have to turn into a dark business complex. Everything closed no one around.  My mind thinks they are plotting to hack me up into little pieces lol This is just too shady. No houses, everything dark, no people, no cars. I am so ready to turn around at this point but had no idea where I could go or what i would say to them about turning around. Hearts pounding, nervous. Drive about .5 mile and up on my right was a Hotel. Never so grateful to see one. This was my 2nd experience on a ride that really scared me being a female driver. I think after all my stripper, strip club experiences (as I have 2 other time I had a pick up) I need to stay away from those places. Those rides are either miserable, scarey  or just plain strange. Do you think Uber would deactivate me for not driving to or picking up from those places? Lol Yes definately. 

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     5 months ago in  Can you select the gender of the operator?

    I think you should be able to. I have had a few riders who are happy to see a woman driver. I even had a male who said he would rather have a woman because a male driver may be able to over power a male rider. Some of these young girls pass out from drinking. Some are so drunk that a male driver could do something and she probably wouldnt remember. If these women who got raped had a female than the rape would've never happened. Young women tell me all the time some of their male drivers hit on them  some are just creepy make them feel uncomfortable. One young woman said her driver bought her cigs alcohol, and tried to kiss her after ride was over. Women tend not to be criminals, rapist, etc. I would think they wouldnt be hitting on male passengers to the point that the msle rider is uncomfortable. Unfortunately these women who have had these issues dont report driver because they are afraid he will come back to their house. 

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     1 month ago in  Does Uber charge a fee for scheduled rides?

    Lilly, Can you please clarify or correct me if I am wrong as I dont want to be giving my riders wrong info. If you schedule a ride more than 60 min. in advance your fare is locked in. If you schedule a ride in less than 60 min. in advance Uber gives you an estimate. Then when you are matched with a driver fare could increase if there is a surge in your area. Thank you.