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  • When I first signed up for Uber I never finished the process. They constantly sent me texts and emails. Apparently they did this to many others causing someone to start a class action lawsuit. I received a notice one day with a code that automatically named me in suit.  I did have an option to opt out. I just ignored it didnt think nothing of it. Less than 6 mths later I received a check in the mail for $125.00.  Check out link below. Uber constantly sends texts, emails, and notices while we drive. Makes no sense. 

    For 2 weeks while this went on I was never asked for a selfie or to verify when just going on my app. It was only when I was driving on the road. Should've been asked when I would first log on. My profile pic was "ok" for 7 months then all of a sudden they said it was no good. Nothing I sent worked. I would take the pic they would allow me on the app and then while driving i was asked to send another profile pic or selfie. This happened on trips with riders in car. I wouldnt be able to see GPS or route to riders destination until I pulled over and resent another one. It was annoying, embarrassing, unprofessional, and dangerous. Apparently people start class action suits over every little thing. Some definately should be sued but others its just crazy why people sue. Some suits you need proof others you do. Through the Uber class action lawsuit I was directed to this site. If you get a chance check it out. It's interesting. Newsletter&utm_content=12919 Newsletter+Version+B+CID_9c49cff082490487fadc1ac6bcb6306e&utm_source=Campaign Monitor&utm_term=VIEW ALL OPEN SUITS

  • Yes. I guess there have  been instances that people sign up and let other people use their account or they are trying to prevent that. 

  • Agreed. Maybe it would give them some good press for once. 

  • Dont mind them doing it. Understand that some drivers may use other drivers accounts, have someone sign up and let someone else use their account. As Wes said do it when you start out or when you are sitting waiting for trips. Cant wait to see cops face when he asks why you were swerving. You respond "I was sending a selfie to Uber":) Not that I do it while driving. I do pull over.

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     2 months ago in  Why you should be a TUBER Driver!

    Dont forget that aux cord:) 

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     2 months ago in  Why you should be a TUBER Driver!

    That was my response also:)  I think that one would be even funnier.

  • They have been doing to me every 3/4 months with the exception of that time i mentioned with old profile pic. In the beginning it was monthly then it slowed down but they would only do it when i first started my shift. Now when they do it it will be after a few trips when i am flying down 95. So annoying:)

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     2 months ago in  How many riders and passengers can be on a UberPool?

    There should be a number of grocery bags a pool rider can bring. Twenty two bags that fills the 3rd row of SUV, trunk, front seat, and a seat in 2nd row should definately be able to Uprade to an X or XL. 

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     2 months ago in  Why you should be a TUBER Driver!

    Love to see a video on "what kind of passenger are you"? The non tipper (even though you picked them up out of the street when they were too drunk too walk, asked you to stop in drive thru with 15 cars ahead of you), the "i'll tip you in app driver"  the drunk dudes that hit on female driver even though the driver is old enough to be their mom, the young ladies that tell you way too much info about signing up for sugar and proceeds to show you d pics of 90 yr old men with sacs too their knees or propped up because they are the size of grapefruits. The ones that tell you their whole life story in 10 min, the puker, especially the ines thst say no I am not going to puke are drive hea ing, gagging, and turning green, the dumbass irresponsible parent with no car seat for their 2 yr old and proceed to tell you "they will be fine" me-  yes they will  cause your not getting in my car, rider - i am not paying cancel fee how am i supposed to know you need a car seat? Me - your a parent you dumbass, ones who cancel mid ride and say "i didnt cancel", the ones that make you wait 8 min and dont apologize, order Uber and Lyft cancel the one that dont get there 1st, the strippers that expect you to mind read and know there is special stripper exit even though app puts you at the front enterance, or pick up location not accurate after riding around and calling rider for 5 min they show up when you apologize they say "no worries it happens to every driver all the time ( WTH could you text the driver then). Ones that bring open containers in car and cant understand why you tell them to get rid of it, riders that are all dressed up but smell like a skunk just sprayed them because all 7 just smoked weed, the rider that complains how high the fare is meanwhile driver just drive 15 min to pick them up to make 3.25 to drive the up the road  .5 miles. Pool riders that bring 3 people with them, express pool riders that say "you cant drop me off on corner at 2am i dont know the neighborhood", the pool rider you pick up at supermarket fare 3.25 10 min to load 22 bags and 10 min to unload 22 bags while the kids come out grab 1 bag and disappear. Can you drop my friend off she only lives 2 blocks from me, 2 miles later. The drunk that puts the bar across the street from the bar you picked him up from as his destination but too drunk to tell you address. Thankfully you picked him up a few weeks early and remember where he lives. Yes these riders do exsists. I guess that video would be more like a movie. I only have 30 min to get to the airport or I'll miss my flight but its not your fault. 

    Drivers I'm sure you have a few favorite or least favorite types of riders. Please share.

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     2 months ago in  Atlanta drivers during Superbowl weekend

    Anyone drive? How was it?

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     2 months ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    Teens have fake ID's i cant always tell the difference. Some bars use machines because you cant always tell. This should be Ubers responsibility. They dont care they win if driver takes minor and they lose nothing if driver gets in accident. They just say we told you not to take minors. Just like the whole car safety seat issue. Uber and Lyft mention it in a few sentences. Hell they even pay cancel fee and dont dont charge it to rider. They eat the cost. Maybe if they start charging 10.00 for 1st offense, 20.00 and so on this would stop. They just dont care. If kid goes flying through windshield its the drivers problem, if minor rides and accuses driver of sexual misconduct they deactivate driver. Just another example of how they dont cars about drivers.

  • Yes black shows all the salt marks it looks awful. Interior isnt too bad with heat on. My dumbass forgot to take all my cleaning stuff in the house that I keep in the back in a basket. Needless to say it all froze. Lol I now have popsicle and slushi tire cleaner, window cleaner, etc.  Vacuuming isnt exactly fun in the cold. 

  • Thank you for all the great tips. It's 32 here in Philly. Lines were long but went through car wash where they dry outside. I opened all my doors and dried the little bit of water that got in. I froze my butt off doing windows though. Lol I didnt drive much in the winter last year. Maybe once a week. 

    Thanks again all!  Greatly appreciated! 

  • I assumed (my fault) that you were from TRYP. I didnt realize you were a driver just trying to sign other drivers up (again my fault). Before I hand over any money to anyone I need my questions answered. I cannot even comprehend why anyone would not ask questions and research a business, business opportunity before getting involved with it and giving them your money. Again I'll reoeat,  You cannot possibly expect people to hand over money no questions asked. Thats just stupidity.   Anyone with any business sense would tell you that. Every piece of info I found on the internet is negative feedback on TRYP and the man who founded it. Uber and Lyft didnt cost a dime to try it out. There was also info all over the web, tv, billboards, magazines, etc... If you had questions you could look it up. I have tried to get info on TRYP there really isnt any at all. This is the only thing we know, pay 200.00 keep 100% of fare + tips. Thats it. Nothing else. 

    I simply wanted info about TRYP so I could make an  informed intelligent decision based on facts. You answered what you could but seemed to be annoyed that I was asking questions. Then started using terms "its a no brainer" . If I had facts and more info it may be a "no brainer". I am not the idiot for asking  questions before I spend 200.00. Then you comment on how much time i spend on here, how many post WTH does that have to do with anything? Again I post things I find relevant to ride share, questions people may want answered, etc. From the responses I've seen all over the internet in forums, articles, you tube no one trusts TRYP or ots founders.  I was asking questions in hopes of getting answers to help out other drivers. Instead you got annoyed, you insinuated I was an idiot with your "no brainer comment", told me to go look up info for myself, you then comment on how much time I spend on here and me throwing answers or opinions out there. It's a forum. Kind of the point of a forum,  where issues, views and ideas can be exchanged. People can comment or choose not to. People can also choose not to read peoples posts and comments. 

    I am through with this topic.  I am now wasting my time on something that doesnt concern me at this time. My opinion wont change. I'll keep my money until there is info out there and proof they have more riders than Uber and Lyft. Since this is a forum and I want to add to the number of posts I have  put up here, I have an idea for you. As an "influencer" trying to sign up other drivers (i would assume you are getting a referral bonus) you may want to go about it in a nicer way. Instead of being annoyed,  rude and then telling me to look it up myself you may want to try a different approach. I can tell you drivers are skeptical all ready.  After reading your post it definately wont make them feel any better. BTW TRYP will have to undercut both Uber and Lyft to get riders to switch say maybe 20/25% so that fare you are keeping is still going to be less 20/25%. 

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     2 months ago in  Do you let your teens use Uber?

    I get why parents do it. I would let my 16 to 18 yr old male children use it in an emergency assuming driver would take them. However it would have to be an emergency & not daily basis and hopefully he would have a friend with him.  However I wouldnt be comfortable allowing my daughter at that age to use it. Especially at night or by herself. There are too many stories out there about ride share drivers. My daughter is 21 now she uses it on weekends but always with her friends. I have young female riders tell me they have been drunk and pass out in Uber when by themselves. Big mistake. Wish these young adults would think before they do stupid things like this. You just never know. 

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     2 months ago in  TRYP (a new ridershare company) promising $500K a month?

    There is another thread on here for TRYP. I asked the guy a bunch of questions which he answered a select few. So I posted again with more questions as I thought he was someone from the company. Turns out he was driver looking to sign people up for referral bonus.  He got annoyed because I was asking questions. There is nothing but negative feedback on multiple sites from multiple people. This guy hands over his money with knowing nothing but "you get 100% of fare + tips" "its a no brainer".  So I am the idiot because i asked questions about a new company that hasnt done nothing other than ask drivers for money.  He also said "guess you will have to wait and read it on their website". There are drivers out there that handed over money and know nothing other than 100% of fare and tips. Are people really this naive?stupid?desperate? Has any driver or prospective driver other than the 2 people trying to make money for referral bonus handed over 200.00 to this company knowing nothing about them other than their claim of 100% of fare + tip? Fares havent even been set yet.  Fares will need to be less than Uber and Lyft.  Right there you are losing at least 15% if not more. Tips are not guaranteed we all know that.  

  • Uber snd Lyft were free so there wasnt much to lose but possibly some time and gas. It would be a no brainer if we knew we were going to get enough fares, if you were more honest and transparent than Uber and Lyft. There is no guarantee that people will use TRYP and the market is flooded with drivers now.  You seem to be getting annoyed when questions are being asked. Why wouldnt people ask questions? Your new. We dont know you or anyone else in the company. Cant find much on the internet other than negative feedback. If I go on a job interview tomorrow with an old reputable company thats well known I would ask questions. What do you expect, you and a few others post on ride share website to pay you 200.00 and everyone will flock to it and not ask questions? Again if you hire drivers that hand over money and dont ask questions I find that to be a problem. It's just stupidity. I am selling the Brooklyn Bridge and some swamp land in Florida maybe I should approach these drivers. I just went back and read your original post. It's all clear now. You are a driver that handed over money to TRYP and now you want other drivers to hand over their money so you can collect the referral bonus. That explains why you are getting annoyed with my questions because you dont know the answers. All you know is what they told you which obviously isnt much. I know 100% of the fare + tips, a no brainer. I apologize for assuming you were more involved in the company and could answer my questions. BTW what about thst bridge and some swamp land? If you are going to post on a ride share website intelligent people will have questions and will.wamt answers especially when they are pulling money out of their pocket. Maybe you dont need answers and trust everyone. I dont. You ever hear the saying "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is". If I am wrong I'll be the first to apologize. 



  • First just want to clarify I am a "she" a female. Of course I have many questions. Wouldn't you have many questions if you seen a new business they you may be interested in? The company is asking for 200.00 so of course there will be questions. Do you expect people to see your initial post and just hand over money no questions asked? I would hope you wouldnt want stupid people driving for your company because anyone who would sign up & not ask questions is naive or just plain stupid. You have enough negativity floating around out there. I would hope if you are trying to start a new business that you would want to convince people you are a legitimate company that will be successful. BTW are you a driver who signed up with TRYP & are trying to sign other drivers up for your bonus? Or are you someone who works for the company and is capable of answering these questions? 

  • Just because something isnt required doesnt mean it shouldnt be done. I agree 100% that it would be great  if riders would be vetted. Yes its not practical, understood. Yes I did read about the woman and her baby being murdered. Thread posted on forum. Absolutely a horrendous act of violence. I still think asking drivers for money up front from a new company is risky for the driver. Yes any new business can be risky and yes sometimes you need to take risk. Again this sounds great but there is a lot of negative comments floating out there about these being a scheme. Many drivers are obviously cautious as they should be. If this is going to be so great why charge drivers from day one? Why not allow 1st month or 2 be a lower fee of free? If driver makes decent money fee can be paid at the end of 1st month or 2?  If driver doesnt make 200.00 in first month or 2 (not enough rides offered) the money is made up by TRYP? If this works many drivers may start signing up. I think drivers need to see this actually working before they part with 200.00. As for now drivers need to be cautious as 200.00 isnt much if you are making money with TRYP but a lot to hand over not knowing if this will work. This may not seem like a lot of money to the company but for people living paycheck to paycheck it is. This is a great idea that I am sure most drivers would go for once there is proof that there is money to be made (riders willing to switch). Better rates for riders will mean lower fares for drivers. Fares are too low as it is for the driver. I still have to ask about the ratings? Is TRYP going to use same rating system? If not how will your rating system work?  Uber and Lyft rating system has done nothing but cause animosity between driver & passenger as red ANT stated. Just not good for business. Tolls, is rider paying them?  What about long pick ups? If we are traveling more than 10 min for example will rider be charged a fee? Is TRYP going to do anything about short rides? Even making 5.00 for these short rides we travel 10 min to are not worth it. What about customer services? Can we get a real person we can understand? Will they answer our question or issue with a reasonable answer or just with generic answers that may or may not help? If its too time consuming and  too many questions this should cover the rest of my questions. I am sure your company knows the problems with Uber and Lyft that the drivers have. What I am asking is will TRYP improve on these issues?  Or is it same as Uber & Lyft business model with the exception driver makes 100% of fare and driver pays fee? Is TRYP going to improve on some or most of drivers ussues or not at all. Although the fate thing if works will be great there are still many areas that need improvement.

    Best of luck. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Hopefully it is a better alternative than driving for other ride share. Again great idea and great opportunity just too much too risk at this time. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. 

  • Took one last ride Saturday night at a local bar called 3 Monkeys. Picked up male and female  who were either dating or married. They both passed out during the 3 mile ride. When we pulled up I was able to wake the guy easily. It took a little more to wake the female up. First words out of her mouth was "did you tip her" to which the male mumbled yes and kept saying "come on lets go". The female still somewhat half asleep asked again "did you tip her"? Now he was getting annoyed. Did the cheap jerk think I couldnt hear her asking or him lying? Hello you are right behind me, I speak English, not deaf, and not stupid. This was worse then "I'll tip you in the app". What a cheap, rude, a#&hole. Hopefully she isnt married to this idiot and realize what a jerk he really is. 

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     8 months ago in  Extra passengers

    This happened to me quite a few times. This particular night  I get a request for Uber X I can seat 4 safely. I pull up there are 3 people they say we are waiting for one more. I am paying no attention to back seat they say ok we are good I start trip get 5  blocks from pick up look in rear view mirror I have 4 in back 1 in front. So what do I do? Do I say something? Do I end trip there and boot them out? I am sure you are all saying I would of. Lol There is 5 of them one of me, oh forgot to mention I am not in a very good neighborhood. Do I call police? I probably won't get past 91 before one of them can take my phone and if I can connect with 911 chances are police will not be there before I am beaten and my car is on cinder blocks. So I take my time ride the right lane nice and slow, stay away from traffic. We get to destination still in another crappy hood. I quickly end trip. The person they are meeting doesn't answer their call so they are not moving out of my car. Uh hello trips over. So they continue to sit in my car for 10 min deciding what to do. Fnally I get another rider so  I find my voice and get the courage to say "I got to go" . Still another 2 min. go by. Finally guy comes out and they get their stuff out of my trunk and go on their way. Now I pull up with doors locked and don't unlock until I know how many are getting in my car. I've learned quite a few lessons driving for Uber this past year.

  • I've picked up strippers twice. One stripper had a fit & started screaming at me because I didnt pick her up at stripper enterance. The app put me in front of the place. I had never been there before. She called me screaming so I drive around to where she told me but there were people all over plus 2 entrances/exits so I ask the first female I see if she was my passenger. She ignores me then I see Mr. Big and Beefy with the tight muscle head shirt on wave me over. She opens door starts screaming why didnt you come here 1st & why were you talking to those people? I try to explain that the pick up location put me up front and what people are you talking about? She screams the people in the car. I reply "what people, what car" . She screams again the people in the car. I am getting annoyed now, because she hasnt stopped screaming at me and what people in what car not a clue who she was referring to. I should've left when I was eligible for cancel fee. We drive a mile GPS says make left turn screaming stripper barks order i will tell you where to go. We go another mile another barking order "pull into that gas station I need something". She needed something all right some manners or a foot up her ass. I pull in to this gas station that is packed has a line of cars to get in (will explain the line of cars at 3am at a gas station another time). I finally get into lot she gets out and I plot my escape. Why should I take her screaming, order barking ass anywhere else they dont pay me enough for this? I put the car in drive ready to pull out and my guilty conscience kicks in. Its 3am you cant do that. Then the  little devil on my shoulder says go for it. Good conscience won I stayed but when she got back in I had a little talk with her. By the time i dropped her off she was happy. So happy when she got out she said "i am going to give you 5 stars". I wanted to reply "stick your 5 stars so far up (that thing you shake for money)that they shoot out of your mouth and hand over some of those bills you made tonight.  She was out right rude and bossy. 

    The 2nd stripper I picked up didnt yell at me but she also barked orders. Wont get into much detail as I just wrote a book about stripper #1. Her barking orders were hello as she entered car  order #1"put this radio station on, order #2 turn volumn up ill tell you when to stop" #3 dont speak to me while music is on #4 put the heat up. No please no thank you ànd you guessed it no tip. Last but not least we pull up to destination my app shows end trip you've arrived i end it wait for her to get the hell out. But she needs to bark 1 more order #5 "I've never been here before just sit here until I can find my friend then you can leave". Must be a stripper thing to bark orders and not tip. These 2 were in my first month of driving they taught me a few things that night.  No, one of those things was not how to work a stripper pole. Thanks for sharing R Paulson. Would love to here more stories. 

  • This time I pick up 3 men in there 30's from India at a strip club in Bensalem PA. They get in dont seem really intoxicated. We have a coversation then they are talking amongst themselves. I look at GPS. Its putting me on PA Turnpike. Now where ever I get off I am not going to know where I am so obviously relying on GPS completely. Go up a few exists get off. Its dark as hell. I swear Bucks County suburbs doesnt like or is too cheap to put up street lights. Everything is so dark you see nothing  when you look behind you. At this times roads are not only dark but no traffic around. The guys start speaking in their language now, up to this point their conversations were all English even to each other. Before I go further I was under impression destination was one of their homes. Now I have to turn into a dark business complex. Everything closed no one around.  My mind thinks they are plotting to hack me up into little pieces lol This is just too shady. No houses, everything dark, no people, no cars. I am so ready to turn around at this point but had no idea where I could go or what i would say to them about turning around. Hearts pounding, nervous. Drive about .5 mile and up on my right was a Hotel. Never so grateful to see one. This was my 2nd experience on a ride that really scared me being a female driver. I think after all my stripper, strip club experiences (as I have 2 other time I had a pick up) I need to stay away from those places. Those rides are either miserable, scarey  or just plain strange. Do you think Uber would deactivate me for not driving to or picking up from those places? Lol Yes definately. 

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     7 months ago in  Can you select the gender of the operator?

    I think you should be able to. I have had a few riders who are happy to see a woman driver. I even had a male who said he would rather have a woman because a male driver may be able to over power a male rider. Some of these young girls pass out from drinking. Some are so drunk that a male driver could do something and she probably wouldnt remember. If these women who got raped had a female than the rape would've never happened. Young women tell me all the time some of their male drivers hit on them  some are just creepy make them feel uncomfortable. One young woman said her driver bought her cigs alcohol, and tried to kiss her after ride was over. Women tend not to be criminals, rapist, etc. I would think they wouldnt be hitting on male passengers to the point that the msle rider is uncomfortable. Unfortunately these women who have had these issues dont report driver because they are afraid he will come back to their house. 

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     2 months ago in  Does Uber charge a fee for scheduled rides?

    Lilly, Can you please clarify or correct me if I am wrong as I dont want to be giving my riders wrong info. If you schedule a ride more than 60 min. in advance your fare is locked in. If you schedule a ride in less than 60 min. in advance Uber gives you an estimate. Then when you are matched with a driver fare could increase if there is a surge in your area. Thank you.